The popular trivia quiz app, HQ Trivia, is having a bit of an up-and-down week. The app has long been a favourite for many users, but had been struggling to convince investors to continue to fund it, and broadcast what seemed to be its last episode a few days ago. 

This was confirmed to be the end of its run of live-streamed quiz shows, but now it would appear that a rescue plan could be afoot. The company's CEO and co-founder, Rus Yusupov has been Tweeting about the app, and has now revealed that talks are underway to finance HQ Trivia once more. 

He says that a potential buyer is in the frame, and that any deal would involve players being able to cash out any money they currently have stuck in the app, as well as letting HQ Trivia pay severance to the 25 employees it let go at the end of last week in the wake of its closure. 

It would also, apparently, lead to the app's return, although some changes and efficiencies would have to be introduced to the format, apparently. 

As he goes on to say, however, this isn't a done deal - in fact, one has to hope that his prospective buyer doesn't mind him talking about the unsigned deal on Twitter.

HQ Trivia, whether it makes it back from the dead or not, was great fun while it lasted. Its live broadcasts which users could play along with for cash prizes felt like an entertaining and inventive way to bring quizzes into the 21st Century.