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(Pocket-lint) - There are 117 new emjois that have been approved for release in 2020 including new gestures, objects, body parts and people. 

New emojis need to be approved by The Unicode Consortium, which is the non-profit organisation behind the industry-standard character sets we all use - and whose voting members include names such as Adobe, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Monotype and Yahoo. 

In addition, the suite of new symbols (known officially as Emoji 13.0) builds upon the work last year to introduce a more consistent set of gender options (as well as gender-neutral options) and different skin colour options. New this year is the transgender flag, too. 

There's also a polar bear, a pinata and a teapot as well. 

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One of the new additions that will probably be well used is a proper emoji to represent people hugging, which is far better than the slightly weird-looking "hugging face" emoji.

There are also a stack of new faces this year including extra Santas, tuxedo-wearers, bottle-feeding parents and people in wedding dresses. Emojipedia has a full list of all the new symbols. Our favourite is probably the precisely-named "anatomical heart" - after all, you don't want to confuse people...

The new emojis will come to many devices in the second half of the year - so it'll probably be in iOS 14 and Android 11, for example.

Writing by Dan Grabham. Originally published on 30 January 2020.