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(Pocket-lint) - Losing your data is rarely fun, but it can be a real disaster if you rely on video in a professional capacity, or if you haven't backed up any particularly precious files. 

Video recovery in these circumstances has long been a problem for most people, with the challenge of getting your files back in one piece a real issue. Thankfully, though, there are programs that can help, like Recoverit DR85, one of the very best recovery programs in the market.

Recoverit is a software known for its convenient and quick recovery of missing, damaged and reformatted files in all data loss situations. This can be achieved from anywhere in your computer (whether you’re using a Macbook or Windows laptop) as well as external drives, and all in record time (thanks to the software’s swift scanning speed).

Recoverit has been on the market for a couple of years. What users might not know about is its recent update, which focuses on the importance of video recovery. This is a godsend for the digital industries - tonnes of video files are being circulated throughout social media each day. But what makes Recoverit DR85 so effective?

RecoveritRecoverit Dr85 A Game-changer For Video Recovery image 1

Nice and easy to use

Being a photographer, I had to try the DR85 for myself to see if it actually works. We photographer types deal with hundreds of SD cards all the time and I was certain I had some containing faulty or corrupted videos that were lying around. As expected, I found a card from an event 3 years ago and I knew there were some corrupted video files on it.

I popped the card into my Macbook and accessed Recoverit. I proceeded to select the drive (in this case, the SD card) and started to run a standard video recovery. Some deleted and corrupted video files showed up perfectly after scanning and I could also recover most of the video files except for several other corrupted and formatted files.

As these files were very important to me, I tried the data recovery software again but this time select the advanced video recovery to scan the video files. To my surprise, all the video files were recovered and also viewable perfectly.

Impressively, it then took just three steps to repair a corrupted video that I'd assumed had no chance of being saved:

  1. Add corrupted video retrieved with advanced video recovery option.
  2. Select “Repair Video” and watch it work its magic.
  3. Save the video (by the way, remember you can preview this to ensure it is truly working). Try to save the file in a different directory from its original to avoid recurring data corruption.

We'd call that as easy as 1-2-3, wouldn't you? 

RecoveritRecoverit Dr85 A Game-changer For Video Recovery image 1

A wealth of options

More generally, though, the software comes with three modes, only one of which we had to use in the example above:

  • Standard Video Recovery - Basic and straightforward video recovery.
  • Advanced Video Recovery - Recovers video files that are otherwise impossible to view with mainstream recovery softwares.  
  • Video Repair - Recovering & restoring a damaged or corrupted video file to its functional state

If you can’t find or recover your deleted videos with the standard video recovery, then you can try its advanced video recovery to scan the deleted or lost files which can improve video recovery substantially because the advanced video recovery is able to merge all fragments of deleted or formatted videos thus leading to a much higher recovery success. 

As a great bonus, though, if you're not exactly sure how to go about getting your data back, you’ve got explainer videos for schools and businesses, YouTube influencer videos, travel documentaries and so on. They’re all safe when uploaded (we just need to trust the server) but what happens when you lose those precious raw files before they’re even on the world wide web?

The magic here is that Recoverit has applied a patented technology (exemplified through its advanced video recovery feature) that enables users to merge fragmented video files so they’re whole again and ready for viewing.

And what’s more, if the video file is corrupted or badly damaged, the video repair option will fix it. It is also highly compatible with most mainstream video types, including MOV, MP4, M2TS, MKV, MTS, 3GP files. These video files can be previewed just like any other file type with the Recoverit software - so you know they’re really repaired.

This means users can safely recover most video files taken with their camcorders, tablets, GoPros, smart phones, laptops, and so on. No more worries about missing videos during file transfers.

Pricing Matters

Users only gain access to DR85’s standard data recovery feature with the Essential plan at USD59.95, while the Standard plan and Advanced plan priced at USD69.95 and USD79.95 respectively include a few more features.

If you only want to repair the damaged or corrupted video files, you can just buy its video recovery plan at USD29.95 for one month.

Right now, though, you can get 30% off Recoverit for Windows or 30% off for Mac, to recover and repair your data. Just purchase your plan before before 15th March 2020 to get that great discount.