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(Pocket-lint) - There's something inescapably annoying about connecting your brand new iPhone to your computer, hoping to do some quick tidying up, or to move some music across to the phone, and being confronted by iTunes automatically starting up.

Apple's smartphones have been getting better and better down the years, improving their cameras and processing speeds, and getting more and more storage over time. But iTunes, despite occasional redesigns and updates, is still an unwieldy bit of software, and far from the ideal way to manage your iPhone's storage. 

Thankfully, though, there are some alternatives out there. One of the best is DearMob's iPhone Manager, an all-in-one solution that lets you quickly and easily move files to and from your phone, and manage the files on it without fuss.

What is DearMob iPhone Manager?

If you've ever searched desperately for alternatives to iTunes, or got stuck when you're unable to get files to transfer onto or off your iPhone, the iPhone Manager is a solution designed to ensure that you can get your task done without fuss.

It has a range of features and options to make sure that you don't lose any data on your iPhone, and that you are in control of what remains on your device

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What can DearMob iPhone Manager do?

One of DearMob iPhone Manager's key features is the ability to transfer files from the phone to your computer, or vice versa. The app, which you download to your computer, whether it's a Mac or a Windows PC, let you transfer different files types easily — including from an old iPhone to a new one, if desired.

For example, transferring photos can be done by album, or by individual selection, and won't delete the originals unless you want it to. Even with huge files, the transfer will be super fast and smooth, letting you get on with the choice of which ones you want. 

You probably also know the pain of downloading Live Photos and finding that their HEIC file type doesn't play nice with other programmes. iPhone Manager can convert these to JPG files to make sure that you can use them easily. 

Of course, photos aren't the only thing on your phone. You can also use DearMob iPhone Manager to move music back and forth with ease, and indeed to make full backups of your phone's data in its entirety, without relying on iCloud payment plans. 

You can even set this backup file up to have a password and be encrypted, to make sure that anyone using your computer can't just access your backups. 

There are loads of other powerful features that make DearMob iPhone Manager useful, though: such as letting you mount your iPhone as a USB storage device to easily move files around digitally; transfer bookmarks between browsers from your phone to your computer; install non-App Store apps onto your iPhone without having to jailbreak the whole handset; manage your files from Apple's office apps Pages, Numbers and Keynotes; and manage both your contacts book and calendar manually and quickly. 

Why should you get DearMob iPhone Manager?

If you've ever felt let down by the lacklustre iTunes app, or found yourself struggling to get a handle on all the files on your phone, DearMob iPhone Manager could be perfect for you. 

Best of all, if you want to try the programme out for free, you can download it now and activate a free trial to give it a whirl, without committing to any payment.