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(Pocket-lint) - Signal has put a new update live for the iOS version of its secure messaging service, bringing iPad users into the fold. There's now a dedicated version of the app for iPads, which should sync automatically and seamlessly with the smartphone app. 

To get that working, users simply have to add their iPad as a synced device in their account settings. 

Until now, the iPad version of Signal has been one of those old-school magnified versions of the smartphone app, so the new layout and design is a welcome addition. 

This update is officially version 3.0 of Signal, and does bring some other quality-of-life improvements for users. Video trimming can now be handled in-app, making it easier to send a shortened version of a video you've taken without having to edit the original file. You can also now forward messages between threads, with the chance to add edits in the process. 

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More support for avatars has also been added, including tapping on their icons as shortcuts. New language support has also been added, for Bangla, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Ukrainian, Urdu and Vietnamese. This suggests that Signal is aiming to expand its user base in different locations around the world. 

Security and encryption is very much the name of Signal's game, but it's nonetheless great to see the service becoming more and more user-friendly over time, and as it starts to position itself as a genuinely viable alternative to more mainstream messaging services. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published on 29 November 2019.