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(Pocket-lint) - If you make your own music, you can now experience the perfect acoustics of Abbey Road on your own headphones. And it can be any headphones, too, as you'll hear.

The new software from Waves Audio brings you a virtualised version of one of the world's finest mixing facilities - the Studio 3 Control Room at Abbey Road. It's the studio's flagship mix room and has been used to mix many famous albums including modern mixes of The Beatles and Pink Floyd.

The software is designed to give you the same experience as if you were producing and mixing inside that room and hear your music the way the studio's musicians and producers hear their creations - the closest interpretation to what the mix engineer was aiming for.

The studio itself has a lot of musical pedigree as it's where Pink Floyd recorded Dark Side of the Moon, while it has also been used in recent times by Paul McCartney, Radiohead, Liam Gallagher and Kanye West.

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The software plugin is powered by Waves’ own Nx immersive 3D audio technology and can track the movement of your head and adjust the audio accordingly. 

At the launch of the software - funnily enough, in Abbey Road Studio 3 - Udi Henis from Waves Audio said that "most of today's music creators do it in your bedroom. They sure can't afford [a studio] environment. We wanted to bring that audio quality to their mixes".

But surely it matters what headphones you're using? Apparently not - Henis said "use the best headphones you can get...it works with any pair of headphones". Although to be fair if you're buying software like this it's likely that you'll have some decent cans anyway. 

"The quality of the sound we provide will be as close as possible to the quality of that room, no matter the headphone".

"This plugin was probably our most challenging project yet, and we had to make sure it was correct," says Mirek Stiles from Abbey Road Studios. Stiles admitted to being initially sceptical about the ability to recreate the sound of the facility in a virtual environment but naturally believes Waves Audio and Abbey Road have been successful in their aim.  

While the plugin is available for Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) right now, Henis says that Waves "needs time" to make it into a consumer product, which it intends to launch in the future.

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Writing by Dan Grabham. Originally published on 11 July 2019.