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(Pocket-lint) - It looks like Facebook is getting involved in the Huawei drama now, while Google is suddenly concerned about Huawei making an Android hybrid.

Facebook will reportedly no longer allow Huawei to pre-install its apps - like the main Facebook app, WhatsApp, and Instagram - on Huawei's smartphones, according to Reuters, effectively adding itself to the list of US companies severing ties with the Chinese tech giant.

Last month, President Donald Trump issued a ban against Huawei, citing vague US security concerns, though he later admitted he would allow Huawei to be included in some kind of a trade agreement if a deal could be reached with the company. Mind you, the official explanation for the ban, according to the executive order, is that Huawei's hardware puts the US at risk for espionage.

As a result, Facebook is looking to block pre-installs of its apps on any Huawei phone "which has not yet left the factory". But existing phone owners will still be able to download, use, and get updates to Facebook's apps. In other words, Facebook just doesn't want Huawei to pre-load its apps onto handsets before it ships them out to stores and customers, though we don't know why.

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To make matters more complicated, because of the Huawei ban, Google recently obtained a temporary license in order to send security updates to existing Huawei phones. Google services still come pre-installed on Huawei's phones, and, interestingly enough, a new Financial Times report has claimed Google executives are worried Huawei's ban could lead to more security risks.

Google is even lobbying the Trump Administration to delay the ban or get exempted, because it's concerned that, if Huawei can't get access to Android updates, the company will develop a forked version of Android that's more vulnerable to hackers. One can't help but wonder if Google is acting in its own self interest/perseveration by preventing the birth of a major Android hybrid.

Either way, this much is clear: Huawei's ban is still in place, and its effects are far-reaching, escalating, and messy.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.