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(Pocket-lint) - Meal kits have really blown up over the past few years.

There are so many it’s hard to get an idea of which one is the best for you, let alone which one is most affordable. So, we’ve compiled a list of the most budget-friendly meal plan options. After all, it’s not enough for a meal kit to provide good food with little effort from you; it has to be reasonably priced to actually have real appeal. Otherwise, you'd just go grocery shopping yourself, or even go to a restaurant for dinner.

Best affordable meal kits


  • Per week cost: $30 (for three meals for two people)
  • Per serving cost: $5 per serving

At $5 per serving for both the two and four-person meal plans, it’s one of the best and reasonably priced meal plans out there. The next most important quality in a meal box, though, is the food. Because, no matter how cheap a box is, it won’t matter if the ingredients aren’t high quality. But this is where EveryPlate really shines.

The reviews of EveryPlate are great, across the board. Customers seem to really love that it has eight new recipes per week, complete with ingredients that EveryPlate says are always natural and fresh. In every box, it includes all the ingredients you need. You’ll also find recipe cards with step-by-step instructions for each meal. And you can adjust your delivery schedule at any time through the site.

There is a fixed shipping fee of $8.99 per week, but that means a dinner for two only costs $38.93 per week. Not bad, right?

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  • Per week cost: $54 (for three meals for two people)
  • Per serving cost: $8.99

HelloFresh itself also combines the best values with delicious-looking food options. Each delivery comes with fresh, pre-measured ingredients and simple step-by-step recipes. It offers family plans and a vegetarian-specific plan each for the same $8.99-per-serving rate.

There’s some really great first-time subscriber deals as well that can knock the price of your first delivery down to $3.99 a plate, along with free shipping that usually costs $8.99. Along with these affordable prices, HelloFresh is available nationwide and uses only recyclable materials in its meals. There’s a mobile app that lets you select your meals for each week or pause your subscription if you’re going away for a week.

Green FreshMealkit image 2

Green Chef

  • Per week cost: $60 (for three meals for two people)
  • Per serving cost: $9.99

If you're a health nut who wants a meal suited to your diet, whether that be keto or paleo or gluten-free or vegetarian or omnivore or carnivore, this is the box for you. It offers preferences for all of the above, and you can choose from two plans: The two-person plan, with three dinners (six meals), or a four-person family plan with two dinners (eight meals). Pricing starts at $9.99 per meal.

Like others on this list, there is a $6.99 shipping fee. But that's nothing considering you can get a keto or paleo meal for $12.99, omnivore or gluten-free meal for $11.99, omnivore or carnivore meal (family plan) for $10.99, and a vegetarian meal for $9.99. These are all recipes with organic ingredients that might be hard to find in rural America. This kit takes away that headache.

Plus, because all the ingredients come measured and ready to go, you can cook most of these diet-tailored, restaurant-level meals in 30 minutes.

Blue Apron

  • Per week cost: $60 (for three meals for two people)
  • Per serving cost: $9.99

Blue Apron is one of the most well-known meal kit services. It’s slightly more expensive, however, though it promises to use locally sourced fresh ingredients. Another big draw to Blue Apron is that there’s no shipping or delivery fees. So, while the price might be more expensive than other meal kits, when including the cost of shipping it actually makes it cheaper than some of its better competitors.

It offers four different plans, including family and vegetarian options. It has also teamed with Weight Watchers to create some easy-to-prepare healthy dinner options that are the same price as the regular plan. Blue Apron has an app too, so managing meals and canceling your subscription at any time is a breeze. There’s also a wine delivery service that helps you find the perfect bottle for your meal. 

GobbleMealkit image 3


  • Per week cost: $72 (for three meals for two people)
  • Per serving cost: $12

Gobble is the most expensive option on this list, coming in at $72 per week. However, there’s some mitigating factors that led us to include it here on our best value list. Gobble’s ingredients come already prepared, allowing Gobble to promise that each meal can be made in about 15 minutes. Sure, sometimes, it’s fun to prepare the entire meal, but some of us don’t love it. Time is money after all.

On top of the time-saving factor of a Gobble subscription, there’s also no delivery fees, which does help offset some of the price difference between it and other meal kit services. So, if you’re willing to pay more to gobble your dinner faster, then Gobble is the right choice for you.