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(Pocket-lint) - Deezer has undergone a major rebrand and redesign, with the company logo being changed and the app for iOS, Android and Windows gaining a cleaner, clearer new look.

As well as ditch capitals for lower-case letters, the music streaming service has opted for a fresh, clean look that is not a million miles away from Apple Music in its clear, simple to see and navigate tiles - all set on a white background.

Sections are easy to switch between, with four tabs along the bottom of the mobile app giving immediate access to the home screen, your own music menu, search and Deezer's recommended radio-style feature Flow.

As well as the main menus, the music playback screen has been changed to offer a brighter, colourful display. The background colour complements the album art of whichever song you are listening to, so changes depending on the album and artist.

Pocket-lintNew Deezer app is cleaner more colourful and generally friendlier on iOS and Android image 2

In terms of the service, it offers the same 53 million plus songs as before, which is expanding all the time. And, all for the same price of £9.99 per month for premium, ad-free membership.

Ad-supported Deezer access is free, which limits the user to play in shuffle mode only and gives the option to skip up to six tracks an hour.

Deezer also offers a high definition option (Hi-Fi) that enables users to stream FLAC quality tracks at 16-bit/44.1kHz.

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To get the newly designed version of the app, make sure you hit update on your device if it hasn't downloaded from the relevant app store already.

Writing by Rik Henderson.