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(Pocket-lint) - If you've ever got lost in a big shopping mall, airport or hospital, you'll know it's long been time for decent indoor mapping. A company called Dent Reality is looking to solve that problem with new AR-based indoor mapping and navigation technology. 

Unlike previous attempts at indoor mapping, this solution from Dent Reality doesn't require any additional hardware to be installed. So, no iBeacons necessary. 

Instead, the technology integrates with indoor maps, can figure out where the user is and then show on screen directions and virtual paths to help them get around, using the camera as a real time feed. 

In essence, it's very much like the AR mode in Google Maps, except this is designed for big, complicated indoor spaces, not outdoor walking and navigation. 

While it doesn't go as far as saying how exactly it pinpoints your exact indoor location, Dent Reality is clear that it's not using just GPS (which typically struggles with precise indoor locations), and that it does't require beacon hardware to be installed either. 

All we know so far is that it uses Apple's ARKit to measure distances, recognise objects within the scene and show an accurate virtual path through. 

It seems, that rather than having its own app, it's opening up its SDK to third party developers who want to get the technology installed in their apps. 

This could potentially mean downloading a mall, or airport's own app with Dent's technology built in. It's also opened up submissions from locations, businesses and outlets who want to work with the company to help build out its technology. 

We're not sure if/when the tech will make its way to a public app, but it certainly seems very promising. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.