21 terrifying and hilarious face swaps

To bring you the chortles we've collected a gallery of our favourites for you to enjoy. 

(image credit: Imgur)

This little baby certainly finds his granddad hilarious or maybe just surprising?

(image credit: cincadacry)

There's so much to love about this face swap. The double duck face is the best. 

(image credit: Gary Gronk)

We're not sure whether we're amused or scared by this one. But ventriloquists might love the idea of their puppet come to life. 

(image credit: kourtney lynn/Buzzfeed)

Sure the cat is quite cute, but dear lord, that little girl is terrifying.

(image credit: InsertWit)

Grown-up people with perfectly hilarious baby faces. What's not to love?

(image credit: Imgur)

Thomas the Tank Engine's face is fairly terrifying on a small boy.

(image credit: DimpleRecords)

Another father-son classic face swap. Both man and boy are pleased with this one! 

(image credit: Imgur)

Ever wondered what your furry four-legged friend might look like with a human face? Wonder no more.

(image credit: lizzieb409f2bd59/Buzzfeed)

While the other little piggies went to the market, this one was busy having a face swap. 

(image credit: IMGUR)

A baby with a moustache. Does it get much better than this?

(image credit: SyrocWift)

Turns out that Abraham Lincoln was a tad better looking than we remember. 

(image credit: Whitney Reeser)

So much to love with this one, including the beardy baby-faced Dad.

(image credit: Spycegurl)

Here he is again, poor old Thomas the tank engine, having his face swapped and ruining our childhood memories.

(image credit: qarahsuirke/Buzzfeed)

It's always fun when someone does a face swap with a statue or doll.  Weird and wonderful results.

(image credit: lydiak4ab79fe59/Buzzfeed)

This stubborn little old lady baby is refusing to eat her yoghurt. This young carer isn't one to give up easily though.  

(image credit: Imgur)

Nostrils for a face. Lovely. 

(image credit: Imgur)

Face swapping with dolls is a strong favourite among the more adventurous of us. The results are certainly something. 

(image credit: funnypicsonly)

There's nothing comfortable about this woman's face. Her sofa might look appealing though.

(image credit: stephanieh414676524/Buzzfeed)

This young person now has oven knobs for eyes. Perfectly normal. 

(image credit: ChuckieC)

This young lad has some things to teach his tiny dad. Gaming greatness is coming. 

(image credit: AtticusRex)

Will Smith and Jaden Smith face-swapped

(image credit: e-Jordan)