Face swapping has been around in one form or another for a while. There's an option within Snapchat that lets you snap a photo while swapping your face with a friend or family member who's also in the same image, but there are other apps designed to do it too. 

These apps are incredibly popular because they're often hilarious, terrible, terrifying or just downright daft. 

To bring you the chortles and perhaps inspire you to get face swapping yourself, we've collected a gallery of our favourites for you to enjoy. 


Thomas the tank engine

When face swap apps transform something inanimate into what looks like a real person, the results are often comical. Even more so when the person in the photo gets the opposite treatment. 

Turns out Thomas the tank engines face is fairly terrifying on a small boy.


This little piggy

While the other little piggies went to the market, this one was busy having a face swap. Terrifying and hilarious in equal measure.


The old man baby

Some of the most hilarious face swaps quite often involve little and large people. Father and son, mother and daughter, it doesn't really matter, what does matter is the hilarity that ensues. This brilliant swap shows a baby with a moustache, does it get much better?


Happy little chappy

Another father-son classic face swap. We love how both of them are super happy in this image. The results are also surprisingly convincing, which isn't always the case, but when it comes off it's even more amazing. 


Open wide

This stubborn little old lady baby is refusing to eat her yoghurt. Hopefully, a little encouragement from an oversized baby head will help ease things along. 


Baby-faced world 

Images like this make us wonder if the world would be a better place if everyone was this baby-faced. It would certainly be a lot cuter. It also makes us thinks that babies wearing make-up is a weird sight indeed. 


Keep your nose out of it

Sometimes the intelligence in these face swapping apps is terribly bad at picking up what should logically be a face and what should be swapped. The results are often gruesome and horrific, but no doubt amusing too. 


Hey dollface

Face swapping with dolls is a strong favourite among the more adventurous of us. The results of which leave us wide-eyed and worried we're going to have some fairly weird dreams once bedtime comes around. 


Sofa face

There's nothing comfortable about this woman's face. Her sofa might look appealing though. Another weird and wonderful face swap that makes us question just what we're doing with our time. 


Terrifying Thomas

Here he is again, poor old Thomas the tank engine, having his face swapped and ruining our childhood memories. It's pretty impressive that both the lady and the tank engine look worse for wear in this one. Yikes. 


Statue swap

It's always fun when someone does a face swap with a statue or doll and actually manages to improve the inanimate object for the better. Can't say the same for the person, but that's one hilarious statue. 


Man's best friend?

Ever wondered what your furry four-legged friend might look like with a human face? Wonder no more. Alas, what has been seen, cannot be unseen. Though a person with a dog face might well be scarier. 

kourtney lynn/Buzzfeed

A ventriloquist's dream?

Is this the sort of thing ventriloquists daydream about? Having a real boy you can control that doesn't argue back or ever grow up? We're not sure whether we're amused or scared by this one. 


Feline face

Sure the cat is quite cut, but dear lord, that little girl is terrifying. She looks like some sort of angry baby vampire or creature from the deep dark forests of Mordor. Yikes. 


That's one handsome baby

That's one handsome baby girl you've got there. It's a shame about the visual challenges and the moustache, but other than that. We love the beardy baby-faced Dad too. What a combo. 

Whitney Reeser

Abe the babe

Turns out that Abraham Lincoln was a tad better looking than we remember. He surely leaps out of this face swapped photo. Whitney Reeser-Harris, meanwhile, appears to be the master of make-up and disguise. 

Gary Gronk

Double duck face

There's so much to love about this face swap. The double duck face is the best. But the small grumpy baby is also amazing. Another classic father-son face swap that just brings all the joy.  


You're hilarious!

This little baby certainly finds his granddad hilarious or maybe it's surprising? Or both? Who knows, either way, this face swapping has resulted in a fair amount of chortles.