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(Pocket-lint) - A new pop-up affiliated with Lego wants to change shopping as we know it.

Lego Wear is helping with the launch of a pop-up shop in London. The interesting thing about this shop is it has nothing in it - no merchandise whatsoever - save for a Snapcode. While at first you might think this is expensive real estate, even for a pop-up, the idea is that once customers open their Snapchat app and scan this code they’ll be in for a shopping experience unlike any other.

Once the Snapcode is scanned, users will have access to the entire store through their Snapchat app. Looking through their phone users will see an augmented reality fashion boutique. The store will appear loaded with limited-edition clothing items for adults. Included in the augmented reality experience is an interactive DJ booth, an arcade, and Lego mannequins that model the clothes.

The launch of the store is slated to coincide with Fashion Week in London. And it is being done to raise brand awareness for Kabooki, the company behind the Lego Wear license. Inside the augmented reality pop-up shop, users will be able to browse streetwear from Kabooki.

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In a statement, Lea Sandell, the social media innovation lead at the Lego Group, described this augmented reality experience as an "unique opportunity to collaborate with Kabooki on their brand new limited edition product for adults and tap into both the sense of style and the nostalgia of that audience - while exploring that interesting space where the digital and physical worlds merge.”

If you’re interested in checking out what an augmented reality clothing store is like, the Lego Wear pop-up will be open from 10am-5pm local time on 13 February at 55 Eastcastle Street in Fitzrovia, London.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.