(Pocket-lint) - Ever since Serial burst on to the podcast stage in 2014, Podcasts from all walks of life have grown in popularity.  

Whether it's comedy content like "My dad wrote a porno" or David Tennant sitting down to a cup of tea with the likes of Olivia Colman or Whoopi Goldberg, there is now a wealth of choice when it comes to listening at home or on the go, and big businesses are starting to pay attention. Spotify recently bought two podcasting companies: Gimlet and Anchor.

"Technology is one of the most interesting subject areas, and one that lends itself to telling fascinating stories through podcasting," explains Sophie Herdman, UK content director, Acast to Pocket-lint. "In recent years we’ve seen a massive diversification in types of shows around every aspect of tech. From deep-dives into innovations as exemplified in Chips With Everything to the award-winning Ctrl Alt Delete from Emma Gannon which started out as a an examination of people’s relationships with the internet, there is a wealth of shows to get hooked on."

We've complied, with the help of Herdman at Acast, some of the best tech podcasts around at the moment, including a nod to our very own Podcast; the Pocket-lint podcast.

Danny In The Valley / Pocket-lint

Danny In The Valley

Danny Fortson is the West Coast Correspondent for The Sunday Times and because of that gets access to a number of Silicon Valley companies large and small. The weekly Danny In The Valley podcast normally revolves around interviews either talking to various companies or asking a VC five questions. It's high-brow stuff, but certainly thought provoking.

Ctrl Alt Delete / Pocket-lint

Ctrl Alt Delete

Hosted by Emma Gannon, each week Ctrl Alt Delete sees Gannon interview creative and technology people from various walks of life. The tech here isn't heavy set as some of the other podcasts on the list, but it's nice to hear a female British voice talking and the questions and answers are always interesting.

Guardian / Pocket-lint

Chips With Everything 

Another weekly podcast, this time from the team at the Guardian. This well put together podcast tackles a big subject each week from tracking Santa Claus to Gaming as a force for good. Chips With Everything takes a very structured documentary style approach, rather than a couple of people sitting around a table chatting.


The Pocket-lint podcast 

Hosting by Stuart and the Pocket-lint team, the 25-30 minute weekly show gives you something topical (news), something meaningful (an interview), and something subjective (a top three) each week in a light and approachable way. Previous guests have included CEO Twitter Jack Dorsey and experts talking about everything from AI to drones. 

DTNS / Pocket-lint

Daily Tech News Show

Ex-Cnet writer Tom Merritt has been doing a daily show for about five years now discussing the big stories every day with a panel of guest hosts. Think of the Daily Tech News Show as a drive time show but just about tech.

The Economist / Pocket-lint

The Economist: The World Ahead

This being the Economist, the subject matter is a lot more serious in this future-gazing series podcast, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be overlooked. There seven podcasts in the The Economist: The World Ahead series and they look at how tech will affect our life in over the next year in 2019.

What is Yubo and how can I join it?

FT / Pocket-lint

FT Tech Tonic

A weekly conversation that looks at the way technology is changing our economies, societies and daily lives. Hosted by John Thornhill, innovation editor at the Financial Times FT Tech Tonic is certainly tech with intelligence. 

Cyber / Pocket-lint


One of the more "geeky" podcasts on our list, this weekly podcast from Motherboard reporters Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai and Joseph Cox focuses on stories industry's most famous hackers and the biggest news in cybersecurity. CYBER isn't for the faint-hearted.

Black Mirror Cracked / Pocket-lint

Black Mirror Cracked

The podcast for all your Black Mirror needs. Black Mirror Cracked alternates between episode analysis and interviews featuring journalists, actors from the show and even Charlie Brooker himself makes an appearance from time to time.

Writing by Stuart Miles.