Admit it: You love emoji.

You might not abuse them like some people do, but you've likely still used the Face with Tears of Joy, Red Heart, or Raising Both Hands emoji. These are among the most popular ones, at least on Twitter, according to EmojiTracker, a tool that tracks emoji use across Twitter in real time. In total, there are over 1,250 emoji in the latest version of Unicode, a computing industry standard.

But 230 more are coming soon.

Unicode 11 is about to become Unicode 12, and with it will come hundreds of characters to better represent people with disabilities, skin tones, and relationships. There's even new versions of “people holding hands” combinations with different genders and races. Over 70 gender variations, and people with hearing impairments, mechanical limbs, and wheelchairs are all represented.


Beyond more types of humans, Unicode 12 brings fun new animals and foods, including the much-requested Flamingo, Otter, Guide Dog, Waffle, Hindu Temple, Sari, Sloth, Mate, and White Heart. The Unicode Consortium has unveiled every new character here.

Emojipedia also put them all together in a video, which you can watch above. It said this is the sixth major emoji update since 2014.

Unicode 12 will roll out to platforms and devices on 5 March 2019.