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(Pocket-lint) - Music streaming service Deezer has launched a standalone TuneIn rival to give you access to around 30,000 radio stations worldwide, all without a subscription.

Radio by Deezer is available as a free download on Android now, with an iOS version "due soon".

It works without needing a subscription to Deezer, you just download the app, tap or search for a radio station to listen to and bingo, it streams over Wi-Fi or a mobile data connection.

Unlike TuneIn's free service, Radio by Deezer does not include additional adverts. You still get those broadcast by respective stations, but the stream is not interrupted with Deezer-specific advertising.

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You are encouraged to subscribe to Deezer Premium, however, through one of the new app's best features.

You don't have to, but Deezer Premium subscribers get the option to favourite any song they hear played on a radio station which will be added to a Deezer playlist to listen to later.

They can then be played through the My Music section of the dedicated Deezer app.

"Radio fans deserve an experience tailored to their exact needs. Our easy to use app provides fast access to their favourite stations, all with an undisturbed, ad-free, listening experience," said Radio by Deezer's product manager, Olivier Miljeu.

Writing by Rik Henderson.
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