(Pocket-lint) - The holiday season is almost here. Coming up next is the Black Friday, a day which everyone is looking forward to. It's time to get your favorite but costly products at a cheaper price, that's what black Friday is all about, right?

Here are 9 Black Friday tips for you to make the experience even better.

1.  Get a VPN (Highly Recommended)

This is actually the best thing you can do this holiday season. It's not just great discounts that you can find with a VPN. It's rather the privacy and security that it provides. Every holiday season, thousands of users loose access to their financial information such as credit cards and cryptocurrency wallet, resulting in huge losses of millions.

On Black Friday, online fraudsters will know that people will have their credit cards ready with themselves, and that they will be looking to get their hands on whatever Black Friday discount they can find. The online fraudsters use this opportunity and create ads and websites that are crafted to rip you off. They will look like a legit e-commerce store, allow you to browse through products, and will even let you check out by giving your credit card information. As a result, of such a transaction, you may lose access to all of your funds.

A VPN is the only thing that can keep you safe this Friday. For instance, PureVPN gives its users the ultimate anonymity and invisibility that they need to remain safe this holiday season. When you are completely invisible online and no one can see you, then it automatically guarantees that no one can harm you.

2.  Get Promos and Discounts

Every e-commerce website has them. It's the most mainstream thing in the e-commerce industry. E-commerce websites from around the world offer promo codes to their customers which can be used later. If you know already what site you will do your Black Friday shopping on, and you are already a user on that website, you may be in luck for some promo codes. Just browse the website, or if you can't find what you are looking for, talk to their representative. 

3.  Get cheap deals from other regions

A VPN can help you get discounts and promotions that are not even available in your region. Even retailers that have international chains, offer varying discounts in different regions. With a VPN you can change your virtual location and enjoy much lower prices.

You can do the same if you are travelling, and get cheap flight tickets using a VPN. Airlines do this a lot of times; tickets are much cheaper in countries where the economy is not as massive. With a VPN you can change your location to such a country and get the same ticket for a lower airfare. While airlines offer additional discounts on Black Friday as a lot of people are travelling, this tip can be used anytime throughout the year.

4.  Reach before everyone else

This is true for people who want to shop at the physical brick and mortar store, or those who want to shop online. The earlier you reach, the more chances you have of securing your deal for yourself. For instance, if you turn to a website the moment the date changes, all the discounted products will be in stock. But if you wait a few hours and then visit the store or the website, naturally those who came before you would have taken most of the discounted products.

The earlier you reach a store, the better it is. For online shopping, it is wise to be connected to the internet and ready to browse the website by 11:45 PM. After that, you should keep refreshing the page to see when the deals become live. In most cases, the Black Friday Deals will become live around 10 minutes before time.

5.  Shop on the Thursday before Black Friday, or even before that…

This happens every year. On Black Friday, when people reach the stores in the morning, most of the great products that are high in demand are usually out of stock by then. Actually, Black Friday discounts are put up way before Black Friday and the sale continues through the next week as well.

Nothing is better than paying a visit to the store two or three days before to see if the sale has started. If it has, get your stuff. If not, ask any of the sales representatives you can find. Most of them are kind enough to give you the exact day when sale starts.

6.  Sign up for emails

This may seem like a pesky task, but it really does help a long way. It can't get any better if you are receiving email updates from an e-commerce website all year round. It's the best way to be the first to know which items are going up for discounts and when. Moreover, most websites offer great early birds discounts to their subscribers. When you get multiple discounts on the same product, the prices become unimaginably low at times.  

If you like to keep your email inbox clutter free, then you can always unsubscribe later. But now is the time to open up all your favorite e-commerce websites and subscribe to their news and updates.

7.  Not every discount is a discount

There are two ways to look at a discount. Retailers want you to look at the amount you are saving on a product. However, we want you to look at the discounted price, and then compare it with the actual price. For instance, if you find the Google Pixel 3 XL on a discount this black Friday, chances are that the promotional advertising will say something like "Save $99". If you look at it from the other side, it's an extremely expensive phone that is priced around $1500. Saving a hundred bucks on such a device doesn't make the discount worth it.

If you find a discount that's not worth it, it's better to move on and not buy that product. Most of the times, discounts keep getting better as Christmas approaches, so it will only be wise if you wait till then.

8.  Make a list

Before Black Friday, take a day out and browse all the products that you want. Make a list of the ones that you must buy this Black Friday, and take notes of which website is selling them. It's annoying to know what you want to get, but not being able to find a vendor.

9.  Shop Online

Most people don't know this, but if you deliver a product at your doorstep, it would actually cost you less, as compared to going to the store and buying it yourself. That's how most e-commerce stores are able to offer much bigger discounts. When you shop online, your chances of getting the biggest discounts increase. Why not make use of it?

Not to mention the crowds of people in the stores on days such as Black Friday. Who wants to go through that hassle? Just sit at home and shop in peace.

This holiday season, keep those you love close to you, and keep them safe with a VPN.