(Pocket-lint) - Remember Vine? It was huge in like 2013, but then Twitter did nothing to grow the app's potential, and it shuttered after just a few years. But, thanks to its original co-creator, it is getting a second shot at life.

Dom Hofmann, Vine's co-creator, has been teasing for a long time that he is developing a successor to the short-form video app, and now he has revealed on Twitter, ironically, that it will be called Byte, and that it’s coming in spring 2019. He also described Byte as a "new looping video app".

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When Hofmann first said he was working the new app, he called it V2 and reportedly wanted it to allow recordings longer than six seconds in length but no shorter than two. The video format would also be fullscreen, rather than square, with a focus on vertical and horizontal. It would even have a collaborative “team” feature that'd allow users to work together and post videos. But it's unclear if any of those features will be part of his new Byte app.

Hofmann reportedly also contacted former Vine stars and other social media celebrities and influencers last year in an attempt to round out V2's development and to figure out a monetisation angle. If true, it'll be interesting to see whether Byte arrives with a slate of well-known creators at launch, and whether it'll have a way for all users to make money on the platform, sort of like how Google allows YouTube creators to earn off ads.

Clearly, not much is known about how Byte will work, but Hofmann has been pretty open on forums and on Twitter about the development process. For instance, in May of this year, he announced that V2 had been postponed indefinitely due to funding and logistic issues.

So, we suspect we will hear more from him soon. Stay tuned.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.