(Pocket-lint) - Waze, the community-based navigation service, has partnered with VW to share a range of GTI Superdrives - fantastic routes for those who want to go out and enjoy driving, rather than just that sleepy daily commute.

The scheme shares 75 of the country's best roads, with VW suggesting that these are the roads you'd really like to get your GTI on. They're driver's roads, the ones you actually want to drive. VW now has three GTIs in its range - the iconic Golf GTI, the Polo GTI and the Up! GTI.

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Over the summer months, the GTI Superdrives will be available within the Waze app - you'll have to look for the GTI badge in the app - and if you're within 12 miles of the road you can tap on the brown GTI badge to get directions to it. 

Here are some of the routes that are included: 


  • A82 Drumnadrochit to Tarbet
  • A701 - A702 Moffat to Edinburgh

Wales/West Country: 

  • A4069 Llangadog to Gwaun Cae Gurwen
  • B3135 Cheddar to Ashwick 

North East:

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  • B1257 Stokesley to Helmsley 

North West:

  •  A675 Bolton to Riley Green


  • A57 Sheffield to Hollingworth
  • B645 Higham Ferrers to St Neots 


  • B3157 Weymouth to Bridport
  • B158 Brookmans Park to Bayfordbury

Waze is available on Android and iOS devices. It is a free app that will give you navigation with the benefit of community input. That means accurate traffic conditions - based on the speeds of other Waze users - as well as community reports on things like roadworks and speed cameras. 

Waze is a fun app, it's not boring like some other navigation apps, so it gives you a sense of enjoyment when you're using it. It cleverly integrates with Spotify too, so you get easy music controls without having to mess around with your phone.

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Of course, you can have Waze on the head unit of your car - currently that's limited to Android Auto, so you car will need to support it - like the VW GTI models do. Waze will be coming to Apple CarPlay so iPhone users will get a better experience later in the year with the release of iOS 12.

Until then, if you like driving, take a look for the GTI Superdrives in your Waze app and head off for some unadulterated driving pleasure. 

Writing by Chris Hall.