(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft-owned LinkedIn is trying to come up with new ways to get you to actually use the service.

The latest example of that is voice messaging. In a blog post announcing the feature, LinkedIn asked its users, "Have you ever typed out a long message and thought about how much faster and easier it would be to say it out loud?" It then added, "To give you more ways to have conversations, we’ve now added the ability to record and send voice messages up to one minute in LinkedIn Messaging."

We're pretty sure no one has ever asked for such a feature from LinkedIn. But it's here now. And we're going to tell you how it works - just in case you should ever find yourself using the LinkedIn app and suddenly get the itch to send your connections a voice message.

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How to send a LinkedIn voice message

First, open the LinkedIn app on your smartphone. Then, follow these three simple steps:

  1. Tap the mic icon in the mobile messaging keyboard.
  2. Tap and hold on the microphone in the circle to record your voice message.
  3. Release your finger to send the voice message.

How to cancel a LinkedIn voice message

To cancel a voice message before sending it, slide your finger away from the microphone icon while holding it down.

How do you listen to a voice message?

Go to your LinkedIn inbox, open up any new messages, and if you see a voice message, click the play button. Voila!

When will LinkedIn voice messaging be available?

This feature will be available globally to all users in the next few weeks (so, by August 2018)

Why is this a thing?

LinkedIn said voice messaging is great for "explaining longer or more complex ideas without the time and involvement of typing and editing a message." Also, it added, "speaking in your own voice allows you to build a more personal connection and effectively communicate."


Is there anything else you should know?

Voice messaging is rolling out now in the LinkedIn app on iOS and Android. You can receive voice messages on mobile and on the web.

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Oh, and your messages can be up to one-minute long.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.