Wondershare DVD Creator contains all the tools you need for both creating and ripping DVDs and Blu-rays. In this tutorial we’re going to focus on burning your own video DVD using the program using a combination of home video clips and photos.

Download the trial of Wondershare DVD Creator from https://dvdcreator.wondershare.com/- there are versions for PC (Windows XP or later) and Mac (OS X 10.7 or later). Double-click the setup.exe file and follow the install prompts. The free trial version has several limitations – for the purposes of this tutorial we’re using the full version, which you can purchase for just $29.95 (one-year subscription) or $44.95 (lifetime license).

1 Choose first video


Choose ‘Create a DVD Video Disc’ from the main screen. Click the + button to select your first video or photo – most popular formats are supported. It will be imported into ‘Title 1’ – think of each title as a separate movie. Double-click a clip to preview it.

2 Set running order


Click + next to Title 1 to add more video clips or photos, one at a time. Click and drag them to change their running order; also click on ‘Title 1’ to rename it to something more descriptive. Click Add Title to add additional movies to your DVD – each title will run independently (think of each title as a different episode of a TV series, for example).

3 Edit clip


If you need to edit an imported clip, right-click it and choose Edit to bring up the Edit window. Most tabs are self-explanatory – if trimming your video clip, use the slider underneath the preview window to determine its start and end points. Use the Effect tab to tweak the quality of the clip or create video effects such as “Old film”, a sepia-tinged effect. Tick ‘Apply to all videos’ to automatically apply any adjustments to all other clips in your project.

4 Choose your menu


Once your titles and clips are in place, switch to the Menu section. By default, No Menu is selected, which reveals your clips will be played in the order they’ve been assembled in the previous step. Use the right-hand pane to browse other available templates – the drop-down menu reveals such categories as travel, family life and sport. Double-click a template to select it.

5 Customise menu


Each menu screen can be tweaked further – first, select your target menu (main, title, title page or chapter page) from the Menu Structure list on the left. Now click an image frame in the preview window to resize or move it. Right-click the thumbnail image and choose ‘Customize thumbnail’ to change it, either from a different part of the clip or by importing a specific image.

You can also customise the text. Click on the text to change it, or click the text frame to edit its font, style, size and colour. Buttons above the preview window also allow you to change the background image and music that plays when the menu is displayed, plus add additional text if you wish.

6 Preview and burn


When you’re ready, switch to Preview to see how your DVD will look after burning. Use the virtual remote to select sections and watch parts of your movie (click Home to return to the main screen). The bar at the bottom of the screen tells you how much space is left on your disc in case you wish to add more content (via the Source section).

Once you’re happy with your disc, click Burn to choose your disc settings (select PAL rather than NTSC for TV Standard), pop your blank disc in and click Burn.

7 Bonus tools


Click Toolbox and you’ll see a selection of additional tools – including a video editor, slideshow maker and tools for ripping discs to hard disk. Click one and wait for it download the first time you select it – it’ll automatically launch when done. You can save slideshows and videos in MP4 format for sharing elsewhere or incorporating into your video DVD.