(Pocket-lint) - Do you need to unlock your Android phone in a hurry? Dr Fone - Unlock is an essential tool for LG and Samsung phone or tablet users. It enables you to regain access to a phone even when you've forgotten the password or discovered it's been changed by someone else. 

Whatever your circumstances, Dr Fone can help you remove the screen lock and get you back into your phone.

Here's how to unlock your phone and what you need to know about this potentially life-saving tool. 

What is Wondershare Dr Fone - Unlock?

Dr Fone is installed on your Windows PC to enable you to regain access to your LG or Samsung phone or tablet. It's your go-to tool for bypassing the lock screen on your mobile should you forget your passcode (or it gets changed without your knowledge).

Dr Fone can remove four types of passcode: standard PINs and passwords, plus patterns and fingerprints. It supports a wide range of LG and Samsung mobile phones - click here to see the unlocked mobile phones supported. The whole process of unlocking your phone takes around five minutes.

How does it work?

Start by downloading the free demo of the unlock program. After installing it, select the Unlock component and the program will then step you through the process: first, connect your device to your PC via its USB cable. If necessary, power the phone on. When the lock screen appears, click Start.

Next, you'll be prompted to select the recovery package for your specific model - select your brand, device name and finally its model. It's crucial you choose the right package, so you'll be prompted to confirm your choice by typing 'confirm' and hitting Enter.

Once done, you'll be shown how to set your phone to Download Mode - instructions will vary according to your selected model. Once done, the phone will begin downloading the recovery package, which Dr Fone will use to remove your screen lock - all without touching your phone's precious data. Once complete, you'll be able to access your phone without having to use your passcode, allowing you to set a new one you won't forget.

What computer(s) does Dr Fone - Unlock run on?

Wondershare Dr Fone - Unlock is available for PCs running Windows XP or later. 

How much?

Dr Fone - Unlock costs $39.95 to unlock your phone - that provides you with a single year subscription to use it as often as you need to for any compatible phone.

You can also purchase the full Dr Fone package ($99.95 for a year) - this includes Recover, Switch, Transfer, Root, Erase and Backup & Restore tools in addition to the Unlock module - see here for details.

An iOS version of Dr Fone is also available for iPad and iPhone users, which runs on both PC and Mac.