A follow-up to Vine is in the works.

Vine was a mobile app that allowed users to share six-second videos. Founded in 2012, it became hugely popular almost overnight, which led to Twitter buying it and, well, letting it flounder and fail within a few years. But the shuttered service isn't done for good, it seems. Vine's co-founder, Dom Hofmann, is developing a follow-up app.

What is V2?

Vine app's successor

Vine co-founder Dom Hofmann announced in 2017 via Twitter, ironically, that he’s about to actively develop “a follow-up to Vine". He said that he's been "feeling like it" for some time and that he has seen a lot of tweets and direct messages, presumably, from fans of his old app. He also said he's funding the project himself.

Since announcing the project “without a plan” and to “force the issue,” he has been hard at work. Right now, he’s simply calling the successor "V2". When he's not running a virtual reality startup, dubbed Interspace, he is developing V2 and posting constant updates to Twitter. He also launched a community forum for the product.

What's the story so far on V2?

Courting Vine stars

According to TechCrunch, Hofmann has been contacting former Vine stars and other social media celebrities and influencers in an attempt to round out the product’s development and figure out the monetisation angle. As a result, several details about the product have leaked.


According to TechCrunch, Hofmann wants V2 to allow recordings that are longer than six seconds but no shorter than two. The video format will be fullscreen, rather than square, with a focus on vertical and horizontal. It will also have a collaborative “team” feature that allows users to work together and post videos.

V2 will allow uploads from a smartphone’s camera roll. However, don't expect it to be like Instagram or Snapchat. There will be "no filters, no face filters, no geo filters,” per Hofmann's tweet. Other likely features include the ability to disable comments on a post and to designate your preferred gender pronoun on your profile.

V2 will reportedly have a zero tolerance policy on harassment, though Hofmann hasn't made a firm decision yet about whether nudity, erotica, and other NSFW content will be allowed on the platform.

Mobile apps

Hofmann is planning an iOS and Android release for V2.

What will V2 videos look like?

Although there is a lot we don’t know, Hofmann has been very talkative. He may have even leaked or teased videos shot with V2. For instance, see this caption-less, seven-second video he posted to Twitter:

When will V2 be available?

According to TechCrunch, Hofmann wants to release V2 around summer 2018. In the V2 forums, he said we can expect the app to arrive "definitely in 2018". We'll keep you posted with the latest as we learn it.