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(Pocket-lint) - When it comes down to where people end up choosing to shop, it’s often a matter of convenience and price. For instance, according to the UK Cards Association, in 2016 around £154 billion was spent on the internet, which is an increase by a quarter in two years. So, when you need to get a phone repair or buy a refurbished phone, phone case, or phone accessory, think twice about going to the high street.

Instead, check out Quick Mobile Fix, an online repair website. One of the best parts about them (after their free warranties on most repairs), is that UK customers pay nothing for postage!

Quick Mobile Fix vs high street repair shops

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Free postage and one-year warranties

Quick Mobile Fix customers from the UK get free and insured postage, for both sending their device in, and getting it back. Also, unlike a physical shop, you can book a repair with them at any time, and you'll receive a free post label in an email. They also offer a no fix, no fee system, so if Quick Mobile Fix can't fix it, you'll get your money back (terms and conditions apply). This is great as it's something many high streets don't offer! 


Most repairs come with a 12-month warranty, which allows you to send your device back for a repair or replacement if anything goes wrong. This gives you peace of mind, which you don't get with high street repair shops! Not sure what's wrong with your device? Quick Mobile Fix has a diagnostic service, and if you decide to continue with the repair, the diagnostic fee will be refunded. 

Competitive prices for a range of repairs

Quick Mobile Fix offers competitive prices, something most online shoppers love to hear. And while many high street repairers only offer the usual repairs, like screen repairs, Quick Mobile Fix offers a range of repair services, including battery repairs, camera repairs and charging port repairs. If you select the diagnostic repair service then decide to get your device repaired by Quick Mobile Fix, the diagnostic fee will taken out of the repair fee! 

Contact anytime and get reward points

You can contact the Quick Mobile Fix customer support team through live chat, phone, or email. The site also has a reward system for customers, so every time you spend money, you gain reward points which can be used as money off future purchases. As they sell such a variety of products, this can be a refurbished phone, a case, an accessory or even a repair! Check what Quick Mobile Fix sell here.

Get a rental phone or a repair within the hour

One of the key services that make Quick Mobile Fix repair services standout is that it offers a rental phone option. As we all know, people don't like to go without a phone at any point, even if they're getting their phone fixed. A rental phone can stop this from being a problem, from just £9.99 a week! What's better than getting a rental phone, is that you can get your repair done within the hour if you use their walk-in repair service which is based in Ilford, Greater London! 

Which is better?

Surveys and studies show people prefer to shop online over the high street, and they do it because it's easier, saves them money, and gives them more choices. So, why would you get your phone repaired like it's still 2000? Get with the times and do it all online via Quick Mobile Fix.

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