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(Pocket-lint) - RingCentral is a cloud based phone system that promises to deliver a secure, hosted phone and fax functionality over the internet for your company.

Eliminating the need for expensive and complex office hardware, the smart system allows you to use your smartphone, tablet, computer, or dedicated hardware to make and receive calls giving your customers the impression you are in a "traditional" office whether you're in the office or not.

With such huge potential to transform the way you work, here are five reasons you should consider it for your business.

1. Always available

Wherever there is an internet connection you'll have your office phone. No need to ensure you're back in the office sitting at your desk waiting for the phone to ring for that important call. You can be at your "desk" in your car, in the park, or anywhere you have an internet connection.


2. Always someone ready to answer

Instead of automatically going through to voicemail, as your smartphone contract does when you don't answer that call, RingCentral Auto Attendant feature can divert calls to someone else in your team to answer the call for you.

Handy if you really are in that "do not disturb" meeting that can't be interrupted, or simply want to ensure that if someone isn't available to take the call, someone else it the team will. Furthermore, all calls to a department can be answered by team members in any location.

3. You can bring your own device

How many people do you see still carrying a "work phone" and a "personal phone" with them when they go out? We suspect the answer is lots. RingCentral ensures your company can easily implement a secure BYOD policy meaning you can ditch the two phones and just run your office from your own smartphone instead. You can make calls using any combination of desktop phones, desktop apps and mobile apps.

4. Integrates with your favourite apps

RingCentral not only places full control of your office phone system at your fingertips but also integrates with the apps you use every day, including Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce, Google Drive, and Dropbox. 

5. Works seamlessly around the world

With RingCentral cloud system means you can make or take calls not only anywhere in the world, but also have a global team all connected to just one business phone system regardless of what country they are working in. Directories and extensions act to ensure your customers always get through to the right person straight away, and simple affordable plans make budgeting a lot easier too. The RingCentral Meetings features a complete audio and video conferencing solution that promotes seamless team collaboration for workforces anywhere in the world.

To start a free trial of RingCentral, visit RingCentral.com

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