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(Pocket-lint) - Fashion retail giant Asos has released an update for its mobile app that will let you search for clothes using photos. If you've ever been out and either seen something on the rails in a shop, or someone wearing a t-shirt or pair of trousers that you particularly like, but want to see if there's a cheaper alternative online, Asos is here to help.

That's because you can now search for clothes through the company's mobile app using photos in your library, or straight from the camera. When you use the photo search feature, Asos will return results that are either an exact match to what you want, or items that are similar and it thinks you will like.

Here's how to use the new photo search feature.

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of the Asos app installed
  2. Open it and head to the search section. We're using the iPhone iteration of the app, so search is the second icon along on the bottom.
  3. Press the camera icon in the search bar and choose whether to search using a photo in your library, or from the camera. You'll need to give Asos permission to access either.
  4. Find a photo that you want to search with. We've found that it doesn't even need to be a perfect front-on photo. As long as clothes are clear, the app will return results.
  5. Scroll through the results and add anything you like to your basket.

Happy shopping!

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Writing by Max Langridge.