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(Pocket-lint) - Pocket-lint no longer recommends Multipass.

Our recommendation comes following the disappointing news that Multipass has refused to pay Pocket-lint for a partnership campaign promoting the service to our readers.


On numerous attempts to resolve payment, Thibaud de la VIllarmois, the company's CEO, has claimed that Pocket-lint didn't work with parent company of Multipass, SQweb, to help promote Multipass effectively. This is not the case. Pocket-lint has always done its upmost to promote the service to our readers.

Pocket-lint has worked with Multipass for over 15 months promoting the idea of an ad-free internet for a small monthly subscription fee.
However, when it became apparent that Multipass wouldn't or couldn't pay for the work we've done, we had no other option, but to leave the service.

If you are a Multipass customer, we're sorry it hasn't worked out. We really wanted it to, but unfortunately that's not possible now.
If you signed up to the service because of Pocket-lint please contact Multipass to discuss a refund.


We are starting to pay for Internet content. Every digital media, information website and blogs are beginning to suggest that you pay to read. Tomorrow, who will be the Netflix/iTunes for information?

The unlimited subscription model has become the general pattern of consumption in many business sectors. For music, platforms such as Spotify, have given us unlimited access to an extensive library since 2006. Today Spotify, the streaming leader in the world, announced it had over 100 million subscribers.

For movies, Netflix, the American video on demand giant, founded in 1997 also announced that it has over 100 million subscribers.

In light of this success, others, like Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime, have adapted to the evolution of digital technologies by also offering unlimited customization and ease of use.

Digital media is the next battleground for unlimited subscriptions. Indeed, newsletters and new sites are establishing premium strategies because many believe advertising isn’t sufficient or liked.

Users are consuming multiple information sources, often via Facebook, and paying for each of them is not only impossible but time consuming; the unlimited subscription is the solution.

The willingness of editors to change and the emergence of new uses lead Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon on this new market.

Following the premium subscription version of YouTube, Youtube Red, Google launched “Contributor”, a solution which allows users to pay for less advertising on certain sites.

Facebook has launched a new way for publishers to create interactive news quickly, with Instant Articles. By the end of the year, "Instant Articles" could easily feature a subscription mechanism.

Startups are already present on the unlimited subscription niche, such as AltPay, Flattr and Multipass.

The Global Media Awards winning Multipass launched its unlimited subscription service in 2016 allowing users of Pocket-lint to view the site ad free, but still in the knowledge that the writers and editors are getting backed for their efforts.

The Multipass subscription is $9,90 per month but you can benefit from the early adopter offer at $6,90.