Have you seen the yellow Multipass button on at the top of our website? Pocket-lint has teamed up with Multipass to give you a way to access not only Pocket-lint, but also some of your favourite websites around the web without adverts. Better yet you still have the knowledge that you are supporting the great journalism we offer.

Billed as a Netflix or Spotify for content, using Multipass will allow you to view Pocket-lint completely ad free without the worry of having to install complicated ad blockers or the awkwardness that you aren't supporting your favourite sites.

Here are three good reasons to sign up to Multipass today:

Support journalists and content creators

Putting together a publication on a daily basis takes time and resources. Investigating stories, researching features, and testing review products all takes a lot of effort. That work has to be paid for. While some readers turned to the "grey" area of adblockers, the move means the content creators, that's us in this case, aren't getting paid for the work we do. Without revenue many websites wouldn't be able to exist.  

Having a better surf experience

Paying for content on the web is standard practice for many publications from the Wall Street Journal to the The Times. Supporting journalists and content creators like us, allows us to create quality and diverse information. We've chosen to partner with Multipass to enable you to pay one subscription for a bundle of websites rather than just us.

Multipass gives you more than a single paywall

Single paywall offerings from major newspapers around the world offers you access to that site and no other. With Multipass you get access to not only Pocket-lint, but also a number of other websites covering a range of topics like politics and sport. The more websites that sign up to Multipass the more access to great ad-free content you get, meaning your subscription only becomes better over time. Think of it like a Spotify for content.

Normally, Multipass is $9.90 per month, but you can get the early adopter (Pocket-lint) price of $6.90 a month for a limited time. What's even better, is you keep that price for the lifetime of your subscription.

You can find out more and sign up for Multipass at https://www.multipass.net/en