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(Pocket-lint) - We've all been there. Signed up for a Wi-Fi in a coffee shop, a shopping service, or something else, only to be then bombarded with dozens if not hundreds of emails from a range of different services that quickly fills your inbox with spam and junk.

Temp-Mail is a disposable email service that allows you to receive email at a temporary address that self-destructs after a certain time elapses meaning it works long enough to get that verify email, but not long to actually hang around for any real length of time.

Users can use the service by either going to the temp-mail.org website, downloading the iOS or Android app, or by installing a dedicated extension for Chrome, Firefox, or Opera.

Here are four reasons to get a temp-mail address

Email is deleted automatically

The temp-mail service automatically deletes the email you've been sent after 1 hour so you never have to worry about emptying your inbox.

Temporary email isn't stored on your computer

Because the email you've been assigned isn't stored on your computer it doesn't pose as a virus threat. Furthermore, because the email address is deleted within an hour you won't get the chance to get phishing emails telling you to check your bank account details or that you've had a windfall from a wealthy Nigerian relative you never realised you had.

You don't have to give your details

Temp-mail grants you a temporary email address with no need for you to go through a long sign-up process, leave personal details, or confirm registration via your principal email or a phone number. 

You can use temporary mail details for loads of things

The list is endless, but some popular uses for temporary mail include when visiting coupon and discount websites to get the codes without getting bombarded with "offers" later on, one-time shopping purchases for stores you aren't 100 per cent confident about, and pesky Wi-Fi forms that insist on getting an email address so you can log on to the network.

Then there is protection against spam that contains viruses or phishing attempts. Having a disposable email address allows you to avoid such issues and ensure the protection of your device.

And if you're a developer, a disposable email addresses allows you to quickly perform testing of any online processes. You won’t have to delete these unnecessary emails later as they will get deleted automatically after an hour.

You can get a temp-mail email address at temp-mail.org