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(Pocket-lint) - SwiftKey, the keyboard app that lets you trace your finger around the letters to type words, has updated its list of supported languages in the iOS version of the app. SwiftKey has added 68 new world languages, bringing the total supported number up to 106, more than any other iOS keyboard. 

New languages can, naturally, be found in the 'Languages' section of the app, and are marked by a green dot to indicate they're newly available. You can download any of them to be installed, and can use two different languages at the same time. When you start typing, SwiftKey will automatically detect which language you're using and provide relevant predictions based on the language you're writing in. 


SwiftKey has also introduced two new animated themes: Cogs and ZigZag. Cogs has different sized circles moving around behind the keys, while ZigZag has 3D lines moving around. The two default themes, Nickel Light and Nickel Dark, have been rejuvenated with a cleaner look to better resemble the default iOS keyboard.

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The SwiftKey update is available to download now, so head to the App Store to install it and take advantage of the latest features. 

Writing by Max Langridge.