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(Pocket-lint) - This isn't an April Fools' joke: the developer behind Facetune made an app that turns your face into an emoji.

Israel-based Lightricks' newest app, Memoji, blends emoji cartoon characters with an image of your face. In other words, you can now emojify your selfies. The app uses artificial intelligence and image-processing technology to animate any the selfie so that it goes along with the applied emoji to reflect a feeling or emotion.

The developer's other popular app, Facetune, uses similar technology to make selfies look more beautiful. Meitu is yet another app that has made headlines in recent months for its ability to edit selfies so that they're flawless. These beautifying and face-morphing tricks can even be found in apps like Snapchat and Facebook, both of which allow you to broadcast and then apply lenses that can either alter your face or your background - all in real time.

But unlike those apps, Memoji is more about transforming selfies after the fact to reflect an emotion like happy, shocked, or sad. The image is instantly adjusted, animated, and overlaid with parts of an emoji, such as sunglasses. You can then share your creation as a GIF, video, or image. Unfortunately, Memoji is only available for iOS.

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It's a free download from Apple's App Store. An Android version is reportedly in the works, though.

Writing by Elyse Betters.