21 Incredible photos that weren't Photoshopped

This image shows the most accurate radio-survey of the Universe. Included in this is the Milky Way which includes over 300,000 stars alone. (image credit: GLEAM)
One of many incredible images submitted to the Sony World Photography Awards. A simple, yet unedited and incredible night's sky view taken in southern Africa. (image credit: Florian Breuer)
Another impressive feat of German engineering and a marvel of modern waterways. (image credit: IMGUR)
John Kraus took this long-exposure shot of the Falcon 9 CRS-9 launch in 2016. (image credit: IMGUR)
An astounding and massive iceberg that easily dwarfs the 3,000-tonne ship sitting nearby. (image credit: Rick Du Boisson)
A 19th Century stone bridge with a wonderful arch that forms a perfect circle in its reflection below when the waters are calm. (image credit: Reddit)
A fantastic view of mother nature in action as multiple lightning strikes hit at the same time across the Hudson river in New York. (image credit: IMGUR)
An amazingly delicate and intricately constructed honeycomb structure. Nature at its finest with a little help from the beekeeper. (image credit: Brian Fanner)
This one shows that a good photograph is all just a matter of perspective. (image credit: IMGUR)
This image was created with leaves of varying shades being meticulously arranged at the base of the tree to give the illusion of glowing roots. (image credit: IMGUR)
This image of the Stuttgart library is a perfect testament to the quality of German engineering and workmanship. (image credit: IMGUR)
Some manipulation went into this one with a man made sandbank behind the subject but still an awesome shot. (image credit: @OMGFacts)
That's not a tidal wave or a Photoshopped image, it's actually a dust storm washing over the ocean. (image credit: IMGUR)
This village in China boasts almost perfect symmetry to the plots and layout of the houses. Almost looks too perfect to be real, but it is. (image credit: IMGUR)
A vast expanse of stars sits atop an ocean of cloud cover apparently covering the Earth below. (image credit: Yevhen Samuchenko)
Fire tornados are a naturally occurring phenomenon caused by strong winds whipping the fire into a frenzy. (image credit: IMGUR)
This is not a flaming dog, but a pooch covered in colourful powder and let loose in a park. (image credit: kfrawee)
This image of a clocking falling off the wall and taking the surrounding wallpaper with it is almost too perfect. (image credit: i_was_a_lemur_once)
This charred telegraph pole isn't the result of a Photoshopping, but instead, shows the aftermath of the wildfires in the Pacific North West of the US. (image credit: walteliasdisney)
A fantastic image of an albino peacock flying over a normal one. The resulting image seems to show the peacock's spirit leaving its body. (image credit: NRGpop)
Sometimes all you need to do is look at the world from a different angle. The results of doing so can be wonderful.  (image credit: xRAINBOWxRANGERx)