The very best internet optical illusions around: You won't believe your eyes

Another classic illusion caused by our brains trying to decipher the scene before us. The result is a speaker seemingly floating in the air. (image credit: Buzzfeed)
This drawing is either a rabbit or a duck dependin on your perception of the world or based solely on suggestion (image credit: Imgur)
YouTuber Holly McKee discovered a real-life optical illusion, a clothes display that made it look like a filter had been applied to the photo. (image credit: The Scottish Sisters/YouTube)
This dress took the internet by storm and had everyone debating about whether it was white and gold or black and blue. (image credit: Wired)
Like the dress, these strawberries are an optical illusion caused by something known as colour constancy. (image credit: Motherboard)
Optical illusions made from street art. You don't see that every day! (image credit: Sergio Odeith)
When snapped from the right angle, one of the largest bridges in Norway gives the impressive that the road simply disappears. (image credit: Martin Ystenes)
Is this a woman's back or her head and neck? The internet couldn't decide, can you? (image credit: @LilMaarty)
First, we had the dress, then we had the shoe. It's pink and white in case you're wondering. (image credit: Nicole Coulthard)
Can you make a never ending chocolate bar by simply cutting it and repositioning the chunks? No. But it makes for an interesting illusion. (image credit: Pigeon Toes)
Shiny legs covered in oil or simply splattered with paint? (image credit: kingkayden)
When the sun is in the perfect spot in Hawaii these posts lose their shadow and appear somehow staged instead of a real man made object. (image credit: mike_pants/Reddit)
"Just spent 30 mins searching for my Dad's iPad" - that's what you get when you buy a faux leather iPad case. (image credit: 9gag)
This illusion really messes with our eyes and his too apparently. (image credit: Skarmavbild)
Has this dog been chopped in half? (image credit: esquonk/Reddit)
Massive pigeons or a matter of perspective? (image credit: TastyTalk/Reddit)
Superhero weightlifter. (image credit: allthingsgym)