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(Pocket-lint) - Ah, technology.

Thanks to the wonder of a smartphones, as well as app-enabled devices, you can now test male fertility from the comfort of home. A new setup, called Yo, is able to turn your phone's camera into a microscope powerful enough to zoom in on a man's sample of "swimmers" and determine its concentration level. The higher the concentration, the better chance a man has at successful fertilisation. 

The $50 (roughly £40) kit comes with a sample cup, a powdered solution you need to mix with your sample, a dropper to collect the sample, and a test slide for the sample. It also comes with a camera device that attaches to your Android phone or iPhone. Simply slip the test slide with the sample into the device, then connect your phone, and Yo will record a live video and simultaneously processing the results.

You'll get a sample count along with an explanation of the results through the companion app, which is available for iOS and Android phones. Yo is FDA-approved, and according to reports, is a medically legit way of figuring out a male's fertility status. 

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Yo is available to preorder now for $49.95 and will begin shipping in February. The kit includes enough supplies for two tests.

Writing by Elyse Betters.