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(Pocket-lint) - Kids these days got it so easy.

Don't believe us? Check out Socratic. It lets you cheat on your homework. As in, it lets you take a pic of any problem, including math problems, whether it's an equation or a written question, and it'll not only show you the answers with relevant information, but it'll also teach you the methodology or subject matter so that you'll learn and be able to solve problems without Socratic in the future. 

Yeah, our minds exploded too.

At the very least, Socratic is able to serve up a simple web search if you happen to stump it. It's obviously geared toward math, or at least students struggling in math. Sixteen-year-old us could've only dreamed of an invention like Socratic. We would've loved the ability to get home from school, whip out our homework, photograph it, read and study it while we write down answers, and be done.

Honestly, this app makes all homework obsolete. Just have your kids use this in class every day or throughout their lives, and they'll learn everything they need to know. Teachers always said we'd have to pay attention in class because someday - maybe when we'd be adults and remodeling houses - we'd have to actually solve problems, and we wouldn't have calculators in our pockets to do it for us.

Well, they were right and wrong. Because, now, we have smartphones in our pockets (and they have apps like Socratic). 

Socratic is a free app on the Apple App Store. Here's some test questions if you want to try it quick.

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Writing by Elyse Betters.