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(Pocket-lint) - If you're looking for a new lock screen wallpaper to try on your Android phone, consider using 91 Locker.

It's an app. The purpose of this app is to serve up all sorts of lock wallpapers, as well as templates, news, and tools, so you can customise your lock screen. You can create your own lock screen design with photos of you and your family, or you can use professional wallpapers. You can even pick unique passcode features to protect your privacy, and of course you'll still get your alerts and messages and access to shortcuts.

Here's what you need to know about 91 Locker.

What is 91 Locker?

91 Locker is a free Android app you can download from the Google Play Store. You can use it to create unique lock screen wallpapers (or select from high-quality wallpapers) and a personal passcode experience, and because it's all about enhancing your lock screen, you'll still get notifications on your custom lock screen, with access to shortcuts like airplane mode and display brightness.

How does 91 Locker work?

Download 91 Locker. When the app opens, you'll see a menu bar along the bottom with three screen options: template, wallpaper, passcode. Tap the first one to create your own lock screen from personal photos; tap the second one to choose from a gallery of professional wallpapers; tap the third one to select a different passcode experience, such as glass bottle tops rather than typical dots.

The template screen has "latest" and "hot" sections, while the wallpaper screen has "categories", "latest", and "hot" sections, and the passcode screen simply shows you a scrolling gallery of different experiences you can choose to use/preview. The app also shows you which wallpapers and passcode experiences you've downloaded locally on your device, and there are settings options to control app notifications and more.

What does 91 Locker feature?

Lock screen templates

91 Locker provides you with "DIY templates" you can use to create lock screen wallpapers of photos of you and your family. And it's simply a one-tap of application to get the template on your lock screen.

High-quality wallpapers

91 Locker lets you browse more than 5000 HD lock wallpapers for free. There are various types and categories to choose from, including "fair ladies, vehicles, travel, nature, sport, etc," according to the app's description.

Unique passcode experiences

91 Locker allows you to protect your privacy with an unique way to unlock your phone. You can choose a customised passcode interface that best matches your lock screen, such as a photo password or a range of password patterns and styles.

Notifications and shortcuts

91 Locker still lets you check messages for missed calls, unread SMS, and notifications when screen your screen is locked. You'll also have access to a shortcut menu with toggles for camera, flashlight, calculator, alarms, etc.

Want to know more?

Watch the 91 Locker trailer above for more details. Also, check out the gallery for some screenshots.