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(Pocket-lint) - When it's time to move onto a new phone and sell your old one, you need to securely erase it.

If you don't do that, your privacy is at risk of being invaded, as your emails, photos, and personal data can be retrieved by anyone with malicious intent. To stop that from happening, consider using iMyfone Umate Pro. It's a software designed to erase data and free up space on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. It currently has more than 2 million customers across 100 countries.

While Myfone Umate Pro not free to use, it does come with a free trial. Here's what you need to know. 

iPhone Eraser & Cleaner: How does iMyfone Umate Pro work?

Say you decide you want to erase and clean your phone, iMyfone’s Umate Pro edition will scan your phone and take care of everything for you. Simply visit the software’s website to download it on your Windows or Mac machine. It costs $49.95 ($29.95 on sale), and there’s a free trial.

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When you install the software, enter the activation code. You’ll then need to connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer with a cable, and open the program after installing it. You’ll see four options on the left side of the menu that appears: One-Click Free Up Space, Erase All Data, Erase Deleted Files, and Erase Private Data. Select the “Erase Private Data” option. From there, click scan to let the software analyze your iOS device.

When the scan is finished, it’ll list all your private data, which includes photos, messages, notes, etc. You can click any data to preview it, or you can click Erase Now to delete it permanently. You can also selectively delete certain files.

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Now, if you’d like to erase deleted files or all data, simply click their respective options in the iMyfone software and follow the on-screen prompts. Erasing deleted files ensures that those select files are gone for good, while erasing all data does exactly what it sounds like.

There’s also the "One-Click Free Up Space" option, which provides you with an easy way to release space. It cleans up junk files, erases temporary files, compresses photos losslessly, deletes and backups large files, removes unusual apps, and can mass delete unwanted photos. Once the software has scanned your phone, it will show you what exactly can be deleted to make space.

No matter the option you choose, keep your iOS device connected with your computer and do not use the device during the whole process to ensure the program works. Also, remember to disable the “Find my iPhone” feature to completely erase your phone. You can do this by going into your iPhone settings (iCloud>Find My iPhone, then toggling it off).

Out of all these options, we found the "Erase Deleted Files" one took the longest - approximately 30 minutes. But, honestly, our privacy is of the most important things to us, so we don't mind spending extra time to guard it.

How many iMyfone editions are available?

There are two main services that iMyfone offers: iPhone data recovery and iPhone erasing and cleaning. To try any of these services, there are eight different editions of iMyfone available to buy.

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When it comes to iPhone erasing and cleaning, use the Umate Pro software, which is considered the complete solution for saving space and erasing data permanently on iOS devices, or you can get the Umate edition, which is offers a one-click approach to releasing storage space and boosting your iOS device. Then there’s the Umate Free, which is the most popular free cleaner software for removing junk from files.

As for iPhone data recovery, iMyfone offers the D-Back edition for retrieving deleted or lost contacts, messages, photos, notes, or more on iOS devices, and it offers the iOS System Recovery edition for fixing any kind of iOS system issues, such as an iOS device being stuck in recovery mode, DFU mode, black screen, Apple logo, white screen or looping start, etc - all without data loss.

iMyfone also offers three editions for recovering lost or deleted WhatsApp messages and attachments from iOS devices, lost or deleted Kik messages from iOS devices, and lost or deleted WeChat messages from iOS devices.

Visit iMyfone’s download center to test the free trials for all these editions.

Want to know more?

Check out iMyfone’s guide for Umate Pro for tech specs required.