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(Pocket-lint) - BT is teaming up with LinkNYC, Intersection and Primesight, an outdoor advertising company to bring free Wi-Fi to the streets of London via Link booths. The booths will give out a Wi-Fi signal of up to 1Gbps that anyone in the vicinity of will be able to connect to get free Wi-Wi and free Wi-Fi calling to UK mobiles and landlines.

The Link booths will also let you charge your devices via two USB ports and provide access to maps, directions and various other local services via a touchscreen tablet.

The best part of the new service is that it will all be free thanks to digital advertising paying the bill.

The plan is to first install around 100 Link booths in the borough of Camden and they should start appearing in 2017, a total of 750 booths are expected to be installed over the next few years. Link booths will also replace existing BT phone boxes around London as they take up less space and will give more users access to phone services than the phone boxes can.

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Link booths originated in New York City in January 2016, making London just the second city to benefit from the free public Wi-Fi.

Rajesh Agrawal, London's Deputy Mayor for Business said: "I welcome this exciting new addition to London's streets. Expanding London's digital infrastructure is a priority for the Mayor, and LinkUK can play a big part in improving connectivity for Londoners and visitors to our city, while reducing street clutter by upgrading and reducing the number of phone boxes."

Writing by Max Langridge.