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(Pocket-lint) - We can't stop playing with the new iMessage app.

When Apple rolled out iOS 10 to the public earlier this week, it also unleashed a new iMessage app with its own mini app store. Pocket-lint has already detailed how the updated messaging app works, as well as several of the coolest new apps you can use directly in iMessage, but we've just discovered one app in particular that you must try right now. We'll warn you, though: it might turn you into the most annoying person ever.

Grammar Snob. Go check it out.

The new iMessage app is perfect for those of you who can't stand it when your friends text typos like "your" when they really meant to write "you're". The app offers up a 99-cent pack of stickers that basically let you edit your friends' sentences with a red pen - just like your old high school English teacher did to you. The coolest part about the stickers is you can place them over their texts.

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Just drag and drop the appropriate suggestion over a typo, and then your friend will instantly see the corrections you've made. The only downside is that there is currently no way to remove a placed sticker, so you have to be careful when putting them in place. Also, if you're texting with an Android user, they won't see stickers but rather a garbled mess of MMS messages, which stinks.

Still, between you and your iOS buddies, Grammar Snob can be a lot of fun. It can also be really annoying, however, especially for the person who is getting corrected all the time. 

Writing by Elyse Betters.