Apple is all about minimalist design so what better game to put on its super simple Apple Watch than Pong?

Pong was one of the first games ever to go mainstream meaning its basic. As such it certainly fits in the minimal design format with its white ball and paddles on black backdrop. So it's little wonder that the Tiny Game of Pong for Apple Watch looks like it should have come with the device as built-in.

The game utilises the Watch's Digital Crown for control of the paddles left and right. A single player mode challenges you to be the first to three against the Watch. Another is arcade mode which offer endless play. Whichever you go for there's a target to aim for as all scores will be collated in the Game Center.

Tiny Game of Pong also allows for personalisation with ten colour variants to choose from. So you will be able to match the ball and paddles colour to that of your Watch strap.

It's a simple game but that really works well here. It's also free to download, so why not give it a go? Oh, yeah, lifetime consuming addiction.

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