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(Pocket-lint) - Select Pebble watches just got a lot, um, healthier?

Just one week after Pebble pushed out new firmware and a fancy timeline feature to older smartwatches in its lineup, the company has announced something called Pebble Health.

It is, as you might've guessed, a health app. And it features fully native activity tracking with timeline integration. It was developed in collaboration with researchers at Stanford University and builds off the 24/7 step- and sleep-tracking functionality introduced last year via Jawbone or Misfit’s apps.

According to Pebble, this is how its new app works:

"Pebble Health tracks your daily activity and automatically detects your sleep phases. Its seamless integration with timeline makes your day’s stats and insights conveniently glanceable and accessible. Wake up to a timeline pin reviewing how much you slept, and wrap up the day with a report of your step count."

Pebblepebble made a health app for its time series of smartwatches image 4

Your daily step count progress is measured against your own average rather than a preset goal, and at night, Pebble Health tracks how long and well you sleep as well as makes suggestions. You also have access to weekly graphs of yours stats and can integrate data with Google Fit or Apple Health.

In other words: you can keep track of your health and fitness no matter what platform you use when it comes to smartphones. To get started with the new Pebble Health app, all you need to do is update your Pebble smartphone app and watch to the latest version (firmware 3.8). That's it.

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Oh, but Pebble Health is limited to Pebble’s Time smartwatches (the Pebble Time, Time Steel, and Time Round).

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 16 December 2015.