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(Pocket-lint) - Ok, so it isn't the first day of Christmas, but when there's a seasonal rhyme to be had who can resist? 

Ofcom has today announced that it is launching a Wi-Fi Checker app, aiming to help people examine the quality of the Wi-Fi in their homes. 

The headline Christmas tree lights is just a seasonal hook as it's 1 December, as Ofcom is really highlighting that a wide range of electrical devices could be causing you problems with your Wi-Fi.

Many of these devices are well known for the interference they can cause, such as microwaves, or wireless devices using the electromagnetic spectrum. This isn't huge news, as many routers, such as the BT Home Hub, are designed to switch channels to make sure you get a consistently strong connection, but problems can still remain.

Ofcom tells us that nearly 6 million homes could have a better Wi-Fi experience to make the most of the broadband speeds they are paying for. There's also a range of handy tips to improve the performance of Wi-Fi in your home.

The new app (for iPhone and Android) is launched alongside Ofcom's report into the start of internet access in the UK. The report highlights that superfast broadband (30Mbps or more) is now available to 83 per cent of UK homes. 

However, there's a problem at the other end of the line, with 8 per cent of homes unable to get speeds of 10Mbps and rural areas where homes are built a long way from the exchange are still a problem.

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There's good news for 4G however: the continued roll-out means that 73 per cent of UK homes can access 4G from three of the four networks; 46 per cent of homes can access 4G from all four of the networks.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 1 December 2015.