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(Pocket-lint) - Bitwalking might be the ultimate healthy lifestyle assistant. The new platform awards users a new currency of money simply for walking.

Bitwalking dollars (BW$) are similar to current Bitcoins in that they're starting out as a digital currency. But unlike Bitcoins anyone can earn these simply by using their smartphone and the app.

Bitcoin was massively popular and is now worth huge amounts in the real world. Although initially it was mainly used on illegal trading platforms like the Silk Road.

Bitwalking wants to disrupt money while also getting people fit and helping the environment.

What is Bitwalking?

Bitwalking is the currency created by startup makers Nissan Bahar and Franky Imbessi. It's goal is to directly reward its users for walking using it's own currency.

Bitwalking creators rightly point out that healthy living is important and in order to keep walking we need to keep motivated. This new currency should help tackle health motivation while also letting people feel mentally better by earning money.

The company also points out more walking will mean less driving and pollution, allowing this to help the environment by lowering people's carbon footprints.

What is a BW$ worth?

The company says, initially at least, 1BW$ can be earned for about 10,000 steps.

Steps are measured using the smartphone app which will allow the user to convert that distance and what that's earned the user in BW$.

How can Bitwalking currency be spent?

Once you've got the Bitwalking dollars, then what? Much like early Bitcoins you'll be able transfer the money about to anyone, anywhere. You will be able to spend it in an online store or trade for cash.

There is also a Bitwalking app store in which the currency can be spent.

The company mentions third party partners including retailers, brands, charities and local government. It also mentions that local businesses will be shown via the Go app.

After $10 million in mainly Japanese backing a Japanese company, Murata, is working on a wearable wristband that will measure steps and show BW$ earned, as an alternative to the smartphone app.

So far some shoe manufacturers are going to accept the currency and one UK bank is in talks to partner up at one of the UK's biggest music festivals next year.

How do I get Bitwalking?

Initially the app is an invite only offering. All you need to do is head over the Bitwalking site and sign-up using your email. It will then ask you which phone platform you are using. Then simply wait and get ready to start earning for walking.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 23 November 2015.