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(Pocket-lint) - SwiftKey has just announced SwiftKey 6.0 beta, making a wide range of changes to one of the most popular apps. This is one for the Android folk, although the smart keyboard is hugely popular on iOS too. 

New in this version of SwiftKey is double word prediction, which does exactly what it says on the tin. As SwiftKey learns your writing style, it will be able to offer up next two words you're most likely to say. They will just be one tap away, rather than two or more, so you'll be able to lay down replies even faster. 

That's the headline new feature in a range of sweeping changes. There's also an improvement to the emoji panel, making it simpler and easier to slap that monkey into your messages. 

The settings menu has also had a revamp, and there's a new theme called Carbon Light designed to fit nicely into Google's material design.

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SwiftKey supports over 100 languages and the new double word prediction feature will work with all of them, so whether you're saying "I am", "je suis", "ich bin" or "jag är", SwiftKey will be speeding things up for you.

The new release in out in beta on Google Play, or you can just take the regular SwiftKey Keyboard on Google Play. Both are free.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 22 October 2015.