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(Pocket-lint) - LinkedIn is about to roll out a new feature in its mobile iOS and Android app that will let you see interesting details about the people you are about to meet so you can determine if you have something in common with them.

The new "in common" feature will be part of a new mobile app, currently dubbed Project Voyager, that is promised to be out by the end of the year. It will connect to your calendar to see who you are meeting and then give you a quick bio and relevant news about people - if you've connected to them on LinkedIn already.

The feature, demoed by Jeff Weiner, the company's CEO, at LinkedIn's annual Talent Connect conference in Anaheim, will mean you can find out whether you've got common ground to slip into the meeting to get them onside.

During a demo, Weiner showed how he was able to see that a woman he was meeting in an upcoming conference had been at her company for over 25 years and that they both shared similar interests around education.

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The updated app also aims to streamline the mobile experience by simplifying the overall experience. Weiner said it will ditch the inbox for a new messaging section to encourage the company's 380 million users to talk more, as well as showcase posts and shares that might interest you in a daily briefing area.

You'll also be able to more easily edit your profile and accept or request "links".

In other areas of LinkedIn, the company has increased the capabilities of LinkedIn Jobs to allow you to see other people that work at a company you are applying to work for and whether the company has previously hired from the company you currently work for. In a further step, LinkedIn says it will suggest jobs you'd like to work in before you realise it.

Elsewhere, the company has announced a new LinkedIn Referrals service, which lets people within companies recommend friends for jobs in their company. The system will do its best to match friends to available jobs based on their experience and profile data. 

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 14 October 2015.