Amazon-owned Twitch has announced that legit, fully-featured Twitch apps are in the works for Sony's PlayStation platform.

This suite of apps will be different from existing functionality that allows PlayStation 4 gamers to take advantage of their console's share feature in order to record directly to Twitch, a popular game-streaming platform. Twitch has yet to provide PlayStation gamers with a full app that includes all the core features of its desktop website and mobile app. But that's about to change.

Although competing platforms - such as Xbox One, iOS, Android, and even Roku - have long had Twitch apps, Twitch has just confirmed it is finally getting ready to launch a PS4 app. It will arrive this autumn and be a lot like the web-based It'll also debut alongside new Twitch apps for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita handheld, and PlayStation TV micro-console.

The PS4 currently has built-in Twitch features, which let you easily stream, but the new Twitch apps will offer fuller features like chat support, the ability to follow channels and games, and a dedicated section for PS4 highlights. Twitch made this announcement via a blog post, while Emmett Shear, Twitch's co-founder, mentioned it during a keynote at Twitch's first TwitchCon.

He also unveiled some other new features in the works, including something called Whispers 2.0, video playlists, and more. With Whispers 2.0, your "whispers" will live in individual docked windows alongside a list view of all your whisper conversations.