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(Pocket-lint) - FiftyThree has finally released a version of its hugely popular iPad app in a form that iPhone owners can use. What's more, it has been redesigned to work on the smaller screen well as well as introduce new features to the iPad version.

Paper version 3.0 is now available on the App Store and brings OneNote style features to the sketchpad software, so you can add and annotate photos, add to-do lists and much more.

You can also use it with FiftyThree's Pencil stylus (as we have already) and, of course, you can still sketch with it using the set of drawing tools on offer, so here's a run down of what the upgraded free application can do.

FiftyThreepaper by fiftythree comes to iphone at last here s what you can do image 5

Simple taps and other gestures

The Paper app gives control of actions to the user in the simplest way possible. Everything you want to do with it is available using just a tap or two. You can type, turn sentences into to-do lists, take pictures and resize them, or navigate through your folders of work - called "spaces" - all through a tap, swipe or finger pinch.

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Words and images work together

Originally, Paper was designed as a simple sketchbook. Now you can type, draw, annotate, add photos taken live or in your Photos library and much more. Combining them enables you to create complex notes and to-do lists, while keeping everything simple.

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Formatting text is a doddle

As well as type a line or paragraph of text to describe something or serve as a memory marker, you can also reformat that text through gestures. Swipe it and it becomes a to-do list entry, with a check box. Or tap and hold sentences to re-prioritise your list. A second swipe will even turn it into a bullet point.

There are also other fonts and styles to use.

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Add and annotate photos

We've touched upon it above, but you can draw directly on top of photos, then caption them underneath if you like. You can also shrink, expand and rotate photos in any way you like and place them elsewhere on your canvas. You can also spotlight areas with a simple tap of a tool.

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Easy-to-create diagrams

Creating diagrams is now more simple as Paper will recognise shapes you are trying to draw and correct them. That helps with designing graphs, charts and the like.

Whiteboard in your pocket

You can connect your ideas, laying them out like a wall of Post-it notes - grouping similar ideas together for a mood board, for example.

There is a grid view that will arrange text, photos and sketches into a grid form so it could even be used as a storyboard tool.

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Paper ideas can be exported to PowerPoint, PDF, Keynote, Dropbox or across social media sites. Plus, all ideas can be shared to FiftyThree's own online service, Mix. This way others can comment or collaborate with you, even if not directly friends.

Tutorials and templates are also available through Mix to help you get started on a project.

In-app purchases are free

At present, all of the in-app purchases available for Paper are listed for free. And considering the main app is also free, there's been no better time to get the new Paper app whether you have an iPhone or iPad.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 10 September 2015.