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(Pocket-lint) - Soon, you'll be able to create gorgeous works of art...with your iPhone.

Everyone knows the iPad is a great device for sketching, especially when paired with the robust Paper app and Pencil stylus from FiftyThree. But the iPhone on the other hand isn't as ideal as a tablet. FiftyThree has likely noticed this -because it has yet to release an iPhone version of its app.

Well, until now.

The company has announced that Paper is coming to iPhone - and it is inviting people to sign up to be among the first to try the app when it releases. FiftyThree hasn't confirmed when the app will launch or for how much, but it's posted an image that seems to show off what the interface will look like.

The image also shows the Pencil, which makes us think the phone version of Paper will support FiftyThree' stylus. We're now just hoping the app will offer Paper's full set of brushes and other tools. We've contacted the company for more details. You can also check out our FiftyThree hub for all the latest news.

We're assuming FiftyThree is finally ready to go iPhone now that Apple's smartphones come in larger screen sizes. It's not uncommon, after all, for someone to grab a stylus and doodle away on a phablet.

Writing by Elyse Betters.