Since off-piste skiers strapped massive video cameras to their heads in the eighties to fly down Chamonix mountains, the thirst for extreme sports has deepened. When the GoPro arrived, this was taken to the next level.

Now nearly every extreme sporting event can be seen from the perspective of the person doing it. These are views that previously were reserved only for those full of courage or those lacking sense.

Now the number of videos online is growing at a rate where it's hard to keep up. And as technology and sport overlap, the edge of what is extreme gets pushed further and further. From dirt bikes that can ride waves to hoverboard skate parks, the extreme sport video selection is growing beyond imagination.

To make it easy to enjoy all these sports without even having to leave the comfort of your chair, let alone risk your life, we've compiled the best.

Dirt bike wave surfing

Motocross rider Robbie Maddison got a dirt bike upgrade that made this insane video possible. It was the result of a three-year "pipe dream" to ride a wave on his dirt bike.

In the video, he can be seen riding the massive waves of Tahiti. The bike itself has had skis added to allow for him to ride on water. Of course the skill of being able to do it took a lot more years of effort. Throw a few GoPros in the mix and you have a video that we can't stop watching.

Hoverboard skating

The hoverboard is finally here as Back To The Future Part II predicted. Made by Lexus the insane gravity defying Slide hoverboard uses liquid nitrogen for fuel creating a cool steam offshoot. This video shows that even the pros struggle to get to grips with the board.

Before you ask it, yes the board only works in this custom built skate park. But it's a step in the right direction.

Extreme cycling, road style

Martyn Ashton is known more for his trials bike skills than road biking. But here, to show off just how strong the Pinarello Dogma 2 carbon frame is, he's riding the racer as if it were a trials bike.

Trials riding means lots of hopping and jumping that puts plenty of strain on the bike's frame and wheels. This model appears to handle everything he throws at it.

Flying with a squirrel suit

A wing suit, otherwise known as a squirrel suit, allows the wearer to fly. Sort of.

In this video, Jeb Corliss takes advantage of the tech the suit offers, as well as multiple GoPros to let anyone take the ultimate ride with him. Skimming the land below, and even people standing on the hillside, this is as close to flying as it gets.

Free fall from space

One of YouTube's most famous and well-loved videos has to be Felix Baumgartner's supersonic free fall from space.

The jump was made possible by years of hard work, plenty of gadgets and of course, smart camera tech. A helium filled balloon got him to the 128,100 feet jump height and the space suit kept him alive. There were even smart balancing systems to stop him spinning out of control. Stunning.

Deep sea base-jumping

Base-jumping, but not as you know it. There are no tall buildings or parachutes here, just some impressive cameras and lighting skills.

This jump shows master breath-holder Guillaume Nery launching into the darkness of Dean's Blue Hole. This is a 663 feet sinkhole that's formed under the ocean floor. The dive off is dizzying and climbing back up without an oxygen tank is just awesome.

Gymkhana Seven

Ken Block has gone from rally driver to extreme stunt driver, with his YouTube videos becoming like mini-movies in their own right.

The latest gymkhana video was made in conjunction with Ford and Need for Speed. The car was a custom built 1965 Ford Mustang, the first ever with four wheel drive. The result is a stunning set of stunts performed in LA that make you feel like you're in a Need for Speed game.

Valparaiso downhill biking

These Red Bull sponsored downhill races in Chile are stunning. Thanks to GoPros strapped to the riders, we can all see what it's like to do one of these insane runs.

Try to stop watching, it's tough. Every second is an exciting new challenge where, somehow, the rider manages to stay on.

Train surfing

Fair enough, trains can be boring. But this way of making a ride interesting is just a little crazy.

Train surfing is a thing all over the world but hanging off the side while an oncoming train is hurtling towards you is beyond extreme.

Far Cry 4 IRL

When a squirrel suit meets gaming geeks with time and a budget, this is what you get.

Mind blowing stuff that makes Far Cry 4 a reality, sort of.

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