(Pocket-lint) - Windows 10 is jam-packed with a whole range of features that you'll be sure to love so if you have just got yourself a new Windows 10 laptop, you've come to the right place.


Start is back

Microsoft got rid of the “Start” button in Windows 8 in favour of the Metro interface, but the feature is making a triumphant return with Windows 10. The new Start Menu will allow you to access and pin apps, as well as pin your contacts and websites into it. It even provides the ability to search for content.


Alaways-listening Cortana

Microsoft's personal assistant is an ever-present. Cortana will offer her help and answer your questions through various browser commands, as well as through th Windows itself. She's always-listening too, as long as you enable the feature. Just say "Hey, Cortana", and then she'll wake up and understand you.


Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is the company's replacement browser for Internet Explorer. It is the new, default web browser for Windows 10 and is great. Cortana integration, Reading View, direct web page annotation, Reading List and easier sharing are just a few of the new browser's most interesting features.

Sign­-in methods

Your standard password may become obsolete when it comes to signing into frequently-used apps in Windows 10. The Fast Identity Online standard is a new feature in Windows 10 that allows you to log in using super easy methods. It supports fingerprint readers and even retina scanners on compatible devices, but even if you have neither you can log in through a simple PIN code that is not stored on the machine so cannot be hacked.

Multiple desktops

Windows 10 allows you to create different desktops for multiple projects and purposes; you can easily switch between them and pick up where you left off each time. This type of feature should come in handy for working on separate projects simultaneously - or just keeping business and personal business separate.

Multitasking improved

A quadrant layout in Windows 10 allows you to snap up to four apps on the same screen. You will be able to view and rearrange all open apps, as well as switch them between any of your multiple desktops. Windows 10 will even make suggestions for filling any available space in the quadrant layout.


Xbox integration

You can now play against other Xbox One players, stream games, and record your own gameplay right from your Windows 10 device. No more fighting over TV-usage, as you can play directly on your PC's screen.

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Writing by Tyler Fee.